Beheshti Tabriz Carpet Company as an outstanding manufacturer of high quality woven carpets and area rugs in textile industry was established in 2010, and started producing machine made carpets, using fine qualified Acrylic heat set and Acrylic high bulk yarn in different types of reeds, which are ranged of 1000, 1200 and 1500 with varied densities in more than hundreds of original designs. Aiming to meet customers’ satisfaction from all around the world, we have tried to provide significant and various designs, as well as taking advantage of the most recent and modern sales strategies, marketing, support and after sales services regarding carpet.
Relying on professional and creative designing department, and enjoying innovation of talented and skillful designers, we proudly claim that Beheshti Carpet Company owns the most impressive and unique carpet designs inspired of Persian pure traditional patterns and colors, in order to depict sense of pleasure and delight for its consumers.

9th international machine made carpets exhibition, tehran

.The ninth international machine made carpets in Tehran was held at 3-6 September in 2017   This exhibition was the second presence of Beheshti carpet in this exhibition. 

نهمین دوره نمایشگاه بین المللی فرش ماشینی، موکت و کفپوش تهران

نهمین دوره نمایشگاه بین المللی فرش ماشینی، موکت و کفپوش تهران در شهرویر 96 برگزار شد. این دوره، دومین سال حضور فرش بهشتی تبریز درنمایشگاه بین المللی فرش ماشینی تهران

دهمین نمایشگاه بین المللی فرش ماشینی، موکت و کف پوش تهران

دهمین دوره نمایشگاه فرش ماشینی، موکت و کف پوش تهران در سال 97 در محل نمایشگاه بین المللی تهران برگزار شد. این دوره با سومین حضور پرقدرت فرش بهشتی تبریز